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UK General Election 2019 - International Issues

International policies The following is a survey of the main international policy pledges of the parties contesting the 2019 UK General Election (excluding Brexit and Climate Change). This survey will be updated as further party manifestos are published. Additional commentary is under preparation.  International policies Excluding Brexit and Climate Change. Trident NATO Parliamentary Vote on War Arms Sales Recognise Palestine Nuclear Ban Treaty Mentions “peace” Conservative Green Labour Lib Dem /////////// Plaid Cymru SNP
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The Japan Council against A and H Bombs - Action Plan for 2018

The Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo) Action Plan for 2018 (excerpts) 1. Achieving hundreds of millions of signatures for the “Appeal of the Hibakusha” for the elimination of nuclear weapons So far, 51.5 million signatures have been collected in support of the Hibakusha Appeal for the elimination of nuclear weapons. This campaign has spread in 42 countries. The mayors of 1017 municipalities in Japan, including 20 prefectural governors, have endorsed the campaign, while the promotion committees have been formed in 24 prefectures (out of 47). This signature campaign launched by the Hibakusha is making a significant contribution. Ambassador Whyte, the Chair of the negotiation conference of the prohibition treaty requested the Japanese movement to bring many signatures to the conference in June.  In response to the request, 2.96 million signatures were presented to the second round of the negotiation conference by the representatives of Nihon Hidankyo, whic