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China and Mr Russell

'Viewing Fish at Flower Pool': A souvenir of Russell's visit to the Western Lake, Hangzhou
Bertrand Russell is hugely influential in China, and has been for almost a century. He is recommended reading for high school and university students. The General Manager of The Commercial Press, which has published Russell in translation in China since his nine-month visit in 1920-21, quotes him in speeches. Russell’s statement towards the end of his life, ‘What I have lived for', seems to have made a powerful and lasting impact.

Russell's story in China is closely interwoven with that of The Commercial Press, which is itself an institution of some durability in the ups and downs of China’s recent history. 

The Commercial Press Head Office, built in the 1950s, is on Wangfujing Street in the centre of Beijing.
Apparently, one of the founders of Commercial Press suggested that Russell be invited to China, and CP put up a considerable sum to pay for the visit. In 2015, their genero…