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A day in Iraq - Organised by Iraqi Women Solidarity

5 April 2013 (2- 9 pm) at Bolivar Hall*

Ten years on the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Iraqis are still suffering the destruction of their state, their infrastructure, and their society. Although the direct US/UK occupation has ended, the occupiers have left behind corrupt and brutal mercenary security forces, a government based on ethnic divisions, a broken legal system and a divisive political process. Iraq remains “in a state of low-level war”. Meanwhile, its massive oil wealth is being squandered.

Join us in this Conference to see the reality of 'A day in Iraq' from the political, economic, and cultural perspective. There will be testimonies by Iraqi women, researchers, writers, artists and activists who will shed light on the results of a decade of so-called Western democratization. The aim of the Conference is to maintain solidarity with Iraqi people, particularly women, and to pursue justice for Iraq in the World Courts through the implementation of internatio…

Save our NHS - watch Lucy Reynolds' film

Try to make some time to watch this video of our by Lucy Reynolds a hero of our time! see -

We are hoping to invite Lucy to a future public meeting in Nottingham - in the steps of Colin Leys and Wendy Savage.

Don't forget the 'Spirit of 45' on Sunday afternoon - KONP is a partner as the respected NHS campaign organisation.

*** A review from Alex Scott-Samuel, member of KONP's steering group and Liverpool activist

'Having now watched this video interview in full, I cannot overpraise Lucy Reynolds' forensically detailed dissectioin of every aspect of the current privatisation of the NHS and in addition, the historical developments which led up to it. It must rank with Pollock's NHS plc and Leys and Player's Plot Against the NHS as the best accounts ever given of NHS privatisation. I urge you to put the time aside to watch it and to e-mail, tweet, FB and to tell everyone who cares about our NHS to do the same'.

Three members of staff at London Metropolitan University's Working Lives Research Institute (WLRI) have been suspended from work

Three members of staff at London Metropolitan University's Working Lives Research Institute (WLRI) have been suspended from work in an attack on human rights, trade unions and academic freedom.

Professor Steve Jefferys, European employment relations academic, Director of London Met’s Faculty Advanced Institute for Research (FAIR) and head of WLRI, was suspended on Wednesday 20 February for ‘potential gross misconduct’. Five years previously, he had agreed that Jawad Botmeh should have the chance of going forward to be interviewed as a part-time casual administrative worker on a temporary three month contract in WLRI, when Jawad had a criminal record (he had served 13 years on a conspiracy to cause explosion charge, a charge which is widely believed to be a serious miscarriage of justice).

Jawad Botmeh, after working for five years to the complete satisfaction of all staff and post-graduate students who worked with him, was overwhelmingly elected to the Board of Governors as one of t…