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Covention of the Left

From Saturday 20th to Wednesday 24th September 2008 the Convention of the Left gathers together in Manchester under the banner 'Another World is Possible', at the same time as the Labour Party comes to town.

"This bold venture comes as a result of people from different left and radical traditions – or none – getting together in Greater Manchester to say that there IS an alternative ... "

Commencing at 12.30pm on Saturday with the Stop the War/CND demonstration, which assembles at All Saints, Cavendish Street, Manchester, the first session of the Convention follows at 3.00pm in the Friends Meeting House in Mount Street.

TheFinal Programmefor the many events, meetings and discussions which are taking place over the five day Convention is available from Wednesday is 'Peace' day and is a must for those who want to give Peace a chance.

Spokesman Books will attend the Covention. Copies of the new issue of The Spokesman - Tskhinvali: Shock a…

The Spokesman 101 - Tskhinvali: Shock and Awe

The latest issue of our journalThe Spokesmanis now available and below is the accompanying editorial written by Ken Coates.

Tskhinvali: Shock and Awe

Georgia’s war

On 7th August 2008, President Saakashvili of Georgia launched an all-out military assault on the capital town of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali. The town was partly destroyed. Estimates of civilian deaths vary, between fifteen hundred and two thousand. Precise figures may become available quite soon, now that it is possible to recover and bury the dead. Thirty-four thousand South Ossetians fled to the neighbouring territory of North Ossetia, which is part of the Federal Russian State, and they can all talk. They have been doing so incessantly, telling stories of untrammelled brutality.

Tskhinvali was left without water, electricity or gas. The bombardment was continuous, not only from the air, but also by salvoes of Katyusha type rockets based in lethal batteries close to the Georgian town of Gori. When the children of Tskhinvali th…