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The Apostle of Peace

Henry Richard 1812 - 1888
By Hilary Evans, Abolish War, Spring 2012

"A bayonet has no aptitude for the discovery of truth; gunpowder has no quality of moral discrimination; a Krupp gun or a torpedo has no particular relation to righteousness. All that these can do, if you use them to the day of doom, is to decide, not who is right, but who is the strongest, the most skilful, the most wealthy, the most pertinacious." Henry Richard

‘200 years ago saw the birth of one of our best campaigners for peace – something worth celebrating! Henry Richard was an important and effective figure in several spheres in the nineteenth century and many groups and organisations in London today have good reason to remember and honour his life and achievements. Born in Tregaron on 3 April 1812, he came to London in 1830 to train for the Congregational ministry and stayed for the rest of his life. It is difficult to do justice to such a multi-faceted man in a short summary.

He was … The Apostle of Peac…