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Raymond Williams in Japan

Key Words 9: A Journal of Cultural Materialism

Much of this issue of Key Words has to do with border crossings. Five of the essays are the result of the willingness of colleagues in Swansea and in Tokyo to cross international borders in order to engage in a transnational discussion of Williams’s work. Three contributions focus on questions of language. While this issue is primarily about Raymond Williams’s work, his ideas and influence, this section brings two other key thinkers into the dialogue – Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Terry Eagleton, who is perhaps Williams’s foremost disciple.


Editors’ Preface

Signs, Socialism and Ethics: Eagleton on Language - Tony Crowley

Terry Eagleton, Postmodernism and Ireland - Edward Larrissy

Williams and Wittgenstein: Language, Politics and Structure of Feeling - Ben Ware

Border Country: Then and Now - Simon Dentith

Raymond Williams in Japan
Essays by contemporary Japanese critics, edited and introduced by Daniel G. Williams

Guest Editor’s Introduction …