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The Russell Tribunal on Palestine - London Session Registration


The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is an International People’s Tribunal created by a large group of citizens involved in the promotion of peace and justice in the Middle East. It was launched in Brussels in March 2009, and held its first public session in Barcelona a year later, when the Tribunal found European Union member states in breach of international and internal European Union law with respect to protecting the human rights of Palestinians.

The Tribunal will hold its second public session in London at the Law Society in Chancery Lane during the weekend of 20-21 November. The theme of this session is Corporate Complicity in Israel’s Violations of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.

You are cordially invited to attend. Places are limited so we recommend early registration to avoid disappointment. Tickets cost £15 each and are valid for both days . Please advise when registering if you will be attending only on one day. It will then be possi…

What Price Austerity?

The Spokesman 110
Edited by Tony Simpson

‘Whilst still in opposition, in August 2009, the then Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, argued for what he called ‘progressive’ and ‘fundamental’ reform of public services. The alternative, according to the Chancellor in waiting, was ‘deep cuts in the quality of those services’. Praying in aid Tony Blair and Alan Milburn, who were by then advocating something similar, he said that what was true ‘in the years of plenty’ was doubly true in an age of austerity.

Now installed, Chancellor Osborne has set about his austere task with a will. As the comprehensive spending review looks to slice further tens of billions from departmental budgets, the cuts are already scything through public services round the country. Local government workers in their tens of thousands have received Section 118 redundancy notices, as have their counterparts in the Civil Service and sundry quangos. Public service, and all its outworks, is being chopped hard. Osborne shows l…

London concert (benefit for Russell Tribunal on Palestine). Reminder.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, with the help of the French Institute, is organising a concert in honor of Stephane Hessel.

Stephane Hessel will introduce the Russell Tribunal on Palestine during a reception following the concert.

You can book tickets here: or by phone: 0207 073 1350

Looking forward to see you on Monday 11 October.

Warm regards
Frank Barat
Russell Tribunal on Palestine

"Not to believe in the possibility of dramatic change is to forget that things have changed, not enough, of course, but enough to show what is possible. We have been surprised before in history. We can be surprised again. Indeed, WE can do the surprising" (Howard Zinn)