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INLAP Criminality of Nuclear Weapons campaign - new site

'The World Court Project is working to abolish nuclear weapons through the law because they violate our human values. It is a project of INLAP, the Institute for Law, Accountability and Peace.'
We gladly repost this announcement of their new website:
Please have a look at our new website for the Criminality of Nuclear Weapons campaign on On the Home Page you can: vPledge your conviction that any use of nuclear weapons would be a war crime (if you haven’t already done this), vSee our campaigning film which shows concerned citizens, like us, making their personal pledges, vSpread the message on the right hand side of the page by email and social media through easy links at the bottom of the page, vMake a donation to support our cause By making your pledge you will become part of a worldwide grassroots movement of citizens upholding their deepest values through the law The world is becoming increasingly aware that that any use of nuclear weapons would…

Take action to end the scandal of military spending

It’s time to shift priorities.
Last month, another £570 million of public money for upgrading the UK's nuclear weapons was announced. Budget Day confirmed that when it comes to military spending, there's no such thing as austerity: it was set at a huge £38 billion for the coming year.

The government thinks we have £700 million to subsidise arms exports, £2.5 billion for new fighter jets, £6.2 billion for new aircraft carriers and £100 billion to renew nuclear weapons... so why are homelessness, hunger and inequality so rapidly on the rise?
It is a scandal that 1 in 4 children in the UK grow up in poverty. It is a disgrace that 20,000 disabled people will lose support for the basics in life when the Independent Living Fund closes. It is outrageous that thirteen times more people are relying on foodbanks to survive than did five years ago.
It is all the more scandalous when you realise that the UK's military spending is among the highest in the world.

It's time to shift…

Keywords: Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain

Tate Liverpool: Exhibition 28 February – 11 May 2014
Adult £8.80 (without donation £8) Concession £6.60 (without donation £6)
Help Tate by including the voluntary donation to enable Gift Aid

Keywords: Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain, is a new take on how the changes in the meaning of words reflect the cultural shifts in our society. This dynamic exhibition takes its name and focus from the seminal 1976 Raymond Williams book on the vocabulary of culture and society.
An academic and critic influenced by the New Left, Williams defined ‘Keywords’ as terms that repeatedly crop up in our discussion of culture and society. His book contains more than 130 short essays on words such as ‘violence’, ‘country’, ‘criticism’, ‘media’, ‘popular’ and ‘exploitation’ providing an account of the word’s current use, its origin and the range of meanings attached to it. Williams expressed the wish some other ‘form of presentation could be devised’ for his book, and this exhibition is one such int…