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Stop the First World War - talks and discussions presented by Conway Hall Ethical Society

Conway Hall Ethical Society's imminent series of events, STOP THE FIRST WORLD WAR, will feature a lecture on Bertrand Russell, to be delivered by Chris Bratcher on 7 October at 7pm. We enclose the current programme here.
Readers may be interested in our timely book on Russell, A Pacifist At War: Letters and Writings1914-1918. See for further information on this title.

Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide crimes against humanity in Gaza

Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide crimes against humanity in Gaza Read the full summary of findings at
September 25th 2014 For Immediate Release

Photo from

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine's Emergency Session on Israel's Operation Protective Edge held yesterday in Brussels has found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and also incitement to genocide.

The Jury [1] reported: 'The cumulative effect of the long-standing regime of collective punishment in Gaza appears to inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the incremental destruction of the Palestinians as a group in Gaza.'

'The Tribunal emphasises the potential for a regime of persecution to become genocidal in effect, In light of the clear escalation …

Russell Tribunal on Palestine - Extraordinary Session

Israel’s Crimes in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge – Extraordinary session of the Russell Tribunal

24-25 September – Brussels

A few weeks ago, members of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, outraged by Israel’s terrible assault on Gaza and its population, decided to start working on an extraordinary session of the Tribunal that will look into Israel’s Crimes (including War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and the Crime of Genocide) during the still ongoing “Operation Protective Edge” as well as third States complicity.

During this session our jury, composed of Michael Mansfield QC, John Dugard, Vandana Shiva, Christiane Hessel, Richard Falk, Ahdaf Soueif, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Roger Waters, Ronnie Kasrils, Radhia Nasraoui and Miguel Angel Estrella will listen to testimonies from Paul Behrens, Desmond Travers, David Sheen, Max Blumenthal, Eran Efrati, Mads Gilbert, Mohammed Abou-Arab, Mads Gilbert, Paul Mason, Martin Lejeune, Mohammed Omer, Raji Sourani, Ashraf Mashharawi, Ivan K…

Israel's systematic attacks on civilians to be examined by the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Israel's systematic attacks on civilians to be examined by the Russell Tribunal on Palestine 24-25 September – Brussels – Albert Hall, Brussels For immediate release Wednesday September 17th The Russell Tribunal's extraordinary session on Gaza will examine Israeli attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure during 'Operation Protective Edge' in July and August of this year. Human Rights Watch recently accused Israel of committing war crimes in a report analysing three attacks on schools in Jabalya, Beit Hanoun and Rafah. The attacks killed 45 people, including 17 children. This is not the first time that a human rights probe has made such claims. United Nations and Amnesty International investigations have also found evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. According to the United Nations, 2,131 Palestinians were killed during Israel's last 50 day offensive. Of those 501 were children with about 70 percen…

The Irish Neutrality League and the Imperialist War 1914-18

Public Meeting The Irish Neutrality League and the Imperialist War 1914-18 Tuesday 21st October, Liberty Hall, Dublin

Speakers Gerry Adams President, Sinn Féin Mary Carolan Sheehy Skeffington School of Human Rights and Social Justice Jack O'Connor General President, SIPTU Michael O'Reilly
Dublin Council of Trade Unions Dr. Margaret Ward Director of the Women's Resource Centre Chair: Freda Hughes Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Nottingham Festival of Words has gone to press...

As we write, our programme is being printed. It's not happened until now because some of the fantastic international events we are bringing you didn't get confirmed funding until a week ago and we've been working our socks off since then to get the final programme completed. So it is an appropriate time to give a big high five to our designer at Silbercow and printers at Russell Press who have been exceptionally friendly, patient and responsive to our increasingly hysterical demands. Sorry, I meant urgent demands.
Russell Press themselves have an interesting history, being founded by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation in 1968 which seems a spectacularly relevant coincidence to some of our international programme, especially an event called Faultlines (14 October) which will be chaired by English Pen and features writers from conflict-ridden and dangerous parts of the world.
Tickets for this, and other events, will be on sale via the Nottingham Playhouse Box Office ve…

Disarmament for Development online course - Open University of Catalonia

Dear colleagues and alumni,

Please help us to disseminate this information regarding the new online course organised by the Open University of Catalonia and sponsored by the International Peace Bureau titled DISARMAMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT
We believe that today - more than ever - military budgets have to be reduced and funds allocated to human development.
Best wishes,
Daniel Jakopovich Council member of the International Peace Bureau =====
Disarmament for Development
NGO: International Peace Bureau Dates: October 1, 2014 - February 15, 2015 Language: English Credits: 6 credits (150 h) Cost : Registration and Enrolment fees €300
Organised by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in partnership with the International Peace Bureau (IPB)

The world spends over $1.7 trillion each year on the military. Even a fraction of this sum could go a long way in tackling mass poverty and mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Meanwhile weapons of all kinds undermine development and do unacceptable …

Welcome to the Nato-fest

As Nato leaders gather this week in Wales, JEREMY CORBYN explores how the military alliance finds ever new ways to justify its seemingly endless expansion.

Thursday 28th Aug 2014
posted by Morning Star

Looking at government websites about the forthcoming Nato leaders’ conference at the Celtic Manor golf club, one could be forgiven for assuming it was some sort of gourmet festival.

The leaders of 60 nations will descend on Celtic Manor hotel, be treated to a sumptuous dinner at Cardiff Castle hosted by Prince Charles, visit a warship in Cardiff Bay and enjoy all the best hospitality on offer.

The chef has been named, the roads closed, the security fences built and demonstrations planned. To counter this (presumably unwelcome) intrusion there will be Nato-themed exhibitions and culinary delights.

There is no encouragement of the BBC or other media to discuss the actual role and purpose of Nato, its effects on our foreign and defence policy or its role in conflicts around the world.

To g…


The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Ltd.
Russell House, Bulwell Lane, Nottingham NG6 0BT, England

MESSAGE The leaders of 28 NATO member countries and others gather for a summit meeting in Newport, the third city of Wales, on 4-5 September 2014. For days together, this small city has been besieged while fences, gates and barricades are erected to protect those attending. The cost is substantial, and there is considerable inconvenience to the people of Newport and to the activists of the international peace movement who have organised a counter-summit there. NATO’s uselessness is never more apparent than when it rudely disrupts people’s lives in order to exult in 65 costly years of existence. It was with some foresight, in 1949, that the distinguished Irish Foreign Minister, Seán MacBride, rejected an invitation, sent through the American Ambassador in Dublin, to participate in a meeting to discuss the formation of the North Atlantic Alliance. Later, MacBride gave several reasons for his …