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Michael Mears presents 'Comrades in Conscience'

 Comrades in Conscience
An evening commemorating the courage of Britain's First World War conscientious objectors through drama, song, and talks.

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Tickets available from Conway Hall's event page at:

Dexter Whitfield and the UN

A new UN report mentions our colleague Dexter Whitfield, from his 2010 work Global Auction of Public Assets.
The report, entitled Public-Private Partnerships and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Fit for purpose?, references Dexter on page 1:
'Whitfield (2010) provided a survey of PPPs around the world, showing how the model has been adapted to the economic, political and legal environments of different countries in Europe, North America, Australia, Russia, China, India and Brazil. It also examined the growing secondary market in PPP investments, “buying and selling schools and hospitals like commodities in a global supermarket” (p. 183) as well as the increasing number of PPP failures, usually as a result of investors’ “miscalculations; states pick up the tab when they walk away”. It found cases of deceptive techniques of assessing value for money (VfM) and manipulations of risk transfer so that PPPs appear to out-perform traditional public provision. Most impo…

ZABELLIANA: Life & Art of Zabelle Boyajian

ZABELLIANA Life & Art of the Magnificent Polymath  ZABELLE BOYAJIAN Painter, Poet, Playwright, Translator, Multi-Linguist (b. 1872, Diyarbakir, d.1957, London)

Speaker: Khatchatur I. Pilikian

Joint public meeting, Wednesday 6th April 2016: 7.30pm-9.00pm
Talk and slide show 
Free to attend (retiring collection)

Marx Memorial Library 37a Clerkenwell Green London EC1 _______________
Residing in London in early 1900, Zabelle studied at Slade School of Fine Art. She becmae the author of the first play in the English language, Gilgamesh, a Dream of the Eternal Quest, published in 1924, based on the Sumerian epic poem, Gilgamesh, of the second millennium BC.

Zabelle's mother, Catherine, was a kinswoman of the poet Samuel Rogers (1763-1855), and of the Egyptologist Samuel Sharp (1794-1881). Zabelle's father was Thomas Boyajian, the British Vice Consul in Turkey (victim of the Hamidian genocidal massacres of 1894-1896).

After the world was engulfed in the total war of WW1, culminating in the Gen…