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Orlando Hill discusses Mike Cooley's 'Architect or Bee?'

A bee puts to shame many an architect in the construction of her cells. But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality. At the end of every labour-process, we get a result that already existed in the imagination of the labourer at its commencement. Karl Marx Capital, vol. 1, ch. 7.

I was made aware of Architect or Bee? by Mike Cooley in a meeting organised by North London Stop the War and CND. The meeting was called to discuss the forthcoming Stop Trident demo on 27 February. One of the issues raised was the effect scrapping Trident would have on employment. It was pointed out that Unite and GMB were in favour of renewing Trident as a way of securing jobs. On the GMB website, Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Acting Secretary, defends the renewal; ‘GMB Scotland will not play politics on this and will stand up for our defence workers and their communities right across the UK.’ In his o…

Radio shout-out to Trevor Griffiths and The Spokesman

Mike Harding, on his radio Folk Show, 10th April 2016, dedicated the track 'A Cut in Pay' (Rory McLeod) to Trevor Griffiths, who recently celebrated his 81st birthday.

Harding billed him as ‘one of our greatest modern playwrights', extolling to listeners:
'You might know his work – Comedians; Oy for England; the film Reds; the series Bill Brand – and he’s also written a wonderful piece for television, which I don’t think has been filmed yet, called March Time.And I do urge you to go and get hold of a magazine called Spokesman, which is a magazine of the Russell Foundation… In one of last year’s issues they’ve got the entire text'
A podcast of the show (#172) is still available on the following page, with the mention of Trevor Griffiths just over six minutes in:

March Timewas published inissue 118 of The Spokesman (ISBN 9780 85124 8202, £6), which is available to purchase HERE.