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Working Class Book Fair

Sunderland Working Class Bookfair
Sat June 16th

The next working class bookfair will be on Saturday June 16th 11 till 5pm in the Museum Vaults, Sunderland; 33 Silksworth Row Sunderland Tyne And Wear SR1 3QJ.

A broad range of literature, mags, books and ephemera, and different groups will be represented, and this mixture will hopefully strengthen the progressive movement and its politics. We aim to have an open and tolerant atmosphere, where discussion is encouraged.

This bookfair is organised at a time of economic crisis and political crisis. What passes for democracy is in desperate need of serious change. The Politicians lie and the media spread it in collusion with the police to form what passes for the news of everyday life. Power and money corrupt, and cause wars, its time to think our way beyond these limitations and do something about it.

The developing economic crisis, unemployment, Metro Cleaners dispute, struggles against cuts, the large demonstration in London on Oct 20th, and the way forward for the movement are going to be topics for debate over; soft drinks, Tea & coffee, beer, and not forgetting the all important meat & veggie barbecues.

Books, mags and pamphlets will cover at least; local and general history, Marxism, environment, football and other sport, culture, railways, mining, fiction, social science, co-operatives, economics, Anarchism, international relations, socialism, trade unions, sex, drugs & rock n' roll ... :)

This is an open invite to all fellow travellers and troublemakers to come on down to the June 16th bookfair and have a great time.

We would especially welcome comrades who travel across the North, such as friends in York, Leeds, Carlisle, Dumfries, Berwick, Middlesborough and lots more.

Tyne & Wear Left Unity, Sunderland Welfare Action group, the Industrial Workers of the World, SPGB, Class War, NUM, Mayday books, North East Anarchists, the Black Bloc (if we can find them), UKUNCUT, students, teachers and lecturers, Former AEi cables workers, Metro Cleaners & Sunderland College lecturers currently in dispute and many more are invited.

For further details please visit:


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